Helping the Makah youth


The Makah Tribe does a lot to help their youth stay busy, active, and positive. There are a lot of examples of the Makah Tribe planning activities for the entire tribe to come together, as well as activities reserved just for the youth of the tribe.

One of the biggest get togethers that the Makah Tribe holds in the annual festival called “Makah Days” This year will be the 91st annual Makah Days and it will last for three days. The activities included are traditional canoe racing, a Slahal tournament, modern dance, a talent show, a firework show, and an open street fair! It’s an exciting time of the year when the Makah people honor their fisherman as well as celebrating the day that native people became U.S. citizens. These kind of  inclusive festivals can be very important for the youth of a community because they are together with their families celebrating culture. It is something they can look forward to every year and it brings the community together.

The Makah Tribe also has programs specifically for it’s youth. The Surfrider Makah Youth Camp is a summer camp where the local kids can come and spend their days at the beach learning how to surf! The camp is open to everyone as it is run by volunteers so it is free! The responses from parents are very grateful and happy for this opportunity for their children.

The Makah Tribe also runs a website that is often updating it’s community with opportunities for both youth and adults alike. One of the posts they’ve made it for a “Summer Leadership Opportunity for Native Youth in Agriculture”. This opportunity selects 50 children from the community to be flown to Fayetteville, Arkansas to participate in an educational agricultural program. The program provides “comprehensive training in the legal and business complexities unique to Indian Country land and agriculture.”

The school district also provides extra programs for their youth. The Cape Flattery school district offers Student ASB, Honor Society, and Knowledge Bowl which are all after school extra activities to get kids involved in their learning as well in their community.

These are the main current events and programs I was able to find in relation to Makah youth as of today, although I am sure there were more in the past and there will be more in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Helping the Makah youth

  1. Hello, Alexa. I think that it’s great that the Makah celebrate the day they gained U.S. citizenship. Even though many of the struggles the Makah went though were caused by Americans and the American government, the day they gained citizenship was the day that America started to acknowledge their rights, even if only slightly. And this was an important step towards becoming respected as a people.


  2. The summer camp sounds amazing. Being run by volunteers shows that people value it enough to spend their time without monetary compensation.


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