Alex McCarty- A Modern Makah Artist


Alex McCarty is an artist from the Neah Bay area and Makah Tribe Territory. His great grandfather was chief of one of the five original villages in Neah Bay. He has obtained two degrees from the Evergreen State College and currently teaches woodcarving in a full year program there. After working on a diorama of the Ozette village for the Makah Museum he fell in love with carving, especially in the traditional way.  Because it was his job to create as accurate of a diorama as possible Alex had to know the village inside and out and this gave his great insight for his art.

Through his carvings Alex tries to preserve the history of the Makah people as true as possible. He worked hard to understand the essence of the culture before he tried to replicate the artwork. Alex’s work is very indicative of the bold sweeping lines that are incorporated in Native art. He hopes with his art he can create and pass on the skills to keep the culture alive. His biography summarizes his message as: “learn it with care, preserve it with beauty, and pass it on.”

Alex has had four exhibitions in cities including Neah Bay, Seattle, and Tacoma. He also hold the award titles of Teacher of the Year Award, and two Artist Trust Awards.

Sources Cited: Alex McCarty’s Website

Photos also taken from Alex McCartny’s website:


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